Erie County, Pennsylvania

History of Erie County, Pennsylvania 1884

by Samuel P. Bates, 

Submitted by Gaylene Kerr Banister

This is an ongoing project by Gaylene.  There will be hundreds of hours of typing involved before it is completed.  If you have enjoyed reading the chapters, please take a moment to thank her! Finished chapters are in green.

PART I - History of Pennsylvania
Chapters I - XIV 


PART II - History of Erie County
Chapter I - General Description, Etc.  
Chapter II - Physical Geography  
Chapter III - Geology  
Chapter IV - Streams, Lakes, Bays, Bridges and Culverts  
Chapter V - Pre-history Remains and Natural Curiosities  
Chapter VI - Indian History  
Chapter VII - The French and English  
Chapter VIII - The Triangle  
Chapter IX - The American Occupation 
Chapter X - Anthony Wayne  
Chapter XI - Land Matters  
Chapter XII - The Pioneers  
Chapter XIII - Common Roads, State Lines, Mail Routes, Taverns, Etc.  
Chapter XIV - Religious Organizations - Churches - Graveyards, etc. 
Chapter XV - Mills and Factories  
Chapter XVI - Lake Navigation  
Chapter XVII - County Buildings  
Chapter XVIII - Perry's Victory and the War of 1812-14  
Chapter XIX - Bench and Bar  
Chapter XX - Notable Events  
Chapter XXI - Political History - Annual Record  
Chapter XXII - The Canal and Railroads  
Chapter XXIII - Physicians and Dentists  
Chapter XXIV - Schools, Academies, etc.  
Chapter XXV - Newspapers  
Chapter XXVI - War For the Union  
Chapter XXVII - Miscellaneous  

PART III - History of the City of Erie
Chapter I - Historical  
Chapter II - General Description and Programs  
Chapter III - Municipal Government  
Chapter IV - Churches  
Chapter V - Education and Societies  
Chapter VI - Private Corporations, Cemeteries and Charitable Institutions  
Chapter VII - Leading Manufacturing Interests  

PART IV - Township Histories
Chapter I - Mill Creek Township  
Chapter II - Waterford Township and Borough of Waterford  
Chapter III - Union Township and Borough of Union City 
Chapter IV - LeBoeuf Township and Borough of Mill Village  
Chapter V - Venango Township and Borough of Wattsburg  
Chapter VI - Harbor Creek Township  
Chapter VII - North East Township and Borough of North East  
Chapter VIII - Fairview Township and Borough of Fairview  
Chapter IX - Springfield Township  
Chapter X - Conneaut Township and Borough of Albion  
Chapter XI - Elk Creek Township  
Chapter XII - McKean Township and Borough of Middleboro  
Chapter XIII - Greenfield Township  
Chapter XIV - Greene Township  
Chapter XV - Washington Township and Borough of Edinboro  
Chapter XVI Concord Township and Borough of Elgin  
Chapter XVII - City of Corry  
Chapter XVIII - Wayne Township 
Chapter XIX - Amity Township  
Chapter XX - Girard Township and Boroughs of Girard and Lockport  
Chapter XXI- Franklin Township  
Chapter XXII - Summit Township  


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